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The bloom

The Bloom, We are a Hong Kong based multi-disciplinary design studio with our design philosophy on enriching lives though design, with a commitment to consider, to well resolved and tailored solutions to client needs. We believe that good design is not only about aesthetics but also about functionality and sustainability. We offer consultation on interior architecture and design, decoration, residential, commercial, retail, exhibition & hospitality. 

Terence Tse

Design Director of The Bloom joined in 2023, graduated from The University of Melbourne with Bachelor of Architectural Planning and design. Over 20 years experience in high-end residential and commercial interior design, he has had the privilege of working on numerous of prestige projects  for developers in Hong Kong. Every projects have completed in highest standards of quality.


An eye for detail, innovative choices in materials and spatial design, and an inclusive, collaborative approach to process results in elegant and memorable design solutions.

Enriching life through design,
Live the life to the fullest.

Everyone is unique and the experience is special.
Communicate , explore and co-create.

The Bloom
The Bloom, an experienced and passionate design team. Since past 20 years, We have developed a unique sensitivity to color, texture and materials by the works.
From a home sweet home for family, or a restaurant design for foodies; store design for shoppers, etc. The key to accompanist the diversifies range of projects is communication.
Take a tour around our inspiration board and find the ideas you need to . Stay up to date with the latest design trends. Ideas to life by clicking an image you love

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